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2020 AHPA Hunter Pleasure Futurity

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Entry Nomination forms for the 2020 AHPA Hunter Pleasure Futurity must be postmarked on or before the deadlines listed below. Nominations received after that date will be considered late and will be subject to the AHPA Late Nomination or not accepted if after October 15.

Current AHA and USEF/EC Membership is required for participation in all AHA programs. Horses nominated for these classes MUST be registered with the Arabian Horse Association or the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry. Refer to the current AHPA Terms and Conditions for specific rules, regulations and deadlines. The additional AHPA, AHA & USEF entry fees for the actual Futurities will still apply. The AHPA reserves the right to accept or reject any nomination. If rejected, your nomination fee will be refunded in full. The nominated horse remains nominated and eligible to show in the 2020 AHPA Hunter Pleasure Futurity regardless of sale or transfer of ownership.

All horses competing in the AHPA Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure Futurity must have parentage DNA verified to a purebred parent on file at the AHA office before they are allowed to compete. Anglo-Arabians are exempt from this requirement.

This nomination is nonrefundable. Full payment must accompany this form to be accepted. Any bounced checks will be subject to a late fee, and party will be responsible for any and all costs and fees incurred with collection, including but not limited to attorney’s feees

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