Aljassimya Farms:

Aljassimya has been breeding exquisite Arabian horses since 1979. With farms in both Qatar and California, Aljassimya prides itself on breeding the finest Arabian show horses for both the international halter arenas and the U.S. performance ring.

Sylvain Allard

Blanford Farms LLC

Burkman Training Centre:

The Burkman Centre is dedicated to creating an outstanding environment for their clients and horses. They have found the perfect combination of hard work and fun to acheive the results their clients are looking for. We are so grateful for the outstanding trainers that make all of this possible. The Burkman Centre team of trainers promotes the best competitive attitude to their great clients and horses. They believe being honest and putting the integrity of the horse first will reap the rewards that the clients are looking for. The Burkman Centre’s main goal is to cater to the needs of both the horses and riders.  We welcome your inquiries and extend our invitation to come and join our success.

Kendall Carkhuff

Cedar Ridge Arabians:

Cedar Ridge Arabians and the Ames Family have been dedicated to breeding Arabian horses for over 45 years. Our love for beautiful, athletic horses, has led us to breed regional and national winners in the breeding in-hand, saddle seat, western pleasure and working western disciplines. Year in and year out, Cedar Ridge Arabians is one of the top overall breeders in North America, with on average, 30 babies born a year. We are very active within the MN Breeders, AEPA and Scottsdale Reining Futurities.

chateau epona:

Chateau Epona Training is a show barn and training facility located in the West Valley area of Yakima, Washington. CET offers riding instruction in the hunt seat, western, and saddle seat disciplines. While our breed focus is Arabian, we enjoy working with all horses and attend shows on both the Arabian and local open circuits. Seasoned show horses are available for lesson and show use.

Conway Arabians:

The Mission of Conway Arabians is to breed, raise and train the finest Arabians and Half-Arabians in the world. We have a clear vision of what our Arabian horses should be. Strong, sound athletes that are beautiful to behold and a pleasure to be around. Merely being pretty is not enough; the horses of Conway Arabians are doing horses, bred to have the conformation and temperament to perform in the show-ring or on the trail.

Copple Show Horses:

Our goal is to produce nationally competitive horses for the open division as well as for his amateurs. We offer a full service training facility located in the Nisqually Valley, forty five minutes from the Seattle International Airport, with the best care and attention to detail. Whether it’s a futurity prospect, amateur or open horse, we have what any Arabian horse enthusiast is looking for. Give us a call today to see the barn and our beautiful show horses!

Cotton Performance Horses:

We believe we are set apart from the competition by our love for horses and drive for perfection. At Cotton Performance Horses, we strive to provide you with the best horse experience possible. Our philosophy has always been to focus on client satisfaction and unmitigated integrity – inside and outside of the show ring. Our vision is to help you and your horse reach your goals, and provide the support to ensure that every individual reaches his or her maximum potential.

Drake Farms, LLC/Bienvenue Arabians:

Drake Farms LLC/Bienvenue Arabians located in San Luis Obispo, CA has been breeding Arabians and half Arabians since 2006 with the help of trainer, Tony Bienvenue. The goal of our breeding program is to start our babies with a solid foundation from day one and carry it through to the show ring. As a founding member, we are excited to integrate the APHA into our breeding program.

Ember Ridge Arabians:

Breeding quality Arabians & Half-Arabians focused on Hunter/Western Performance.

the Everitt family

Ghost Pines Farm:

At Ghost Pines Farm, our training program centers in on creating a solid foundation for both the horse and rider. We believe in developing a long-term team; in the horse, having an educated and willing mentality and in the rider, having them achieve their equestrian goals and enjoyment. How do we attain this? By treating each horse as an individual and establishing a tailored training routine suited to their needs, ability, personality, and the over all goals and satisfaction of the owner. Building this solid foundation begins on the ground and with time, works its way up to being on their backs.

Tom & Leola Hansen:

We decided to become an AHPA founder due to the very talented and successful  hunters that we have the joy and privilege to compete with. We knew that our stallion, FVF Bucarrdi, whom we purchased in 2014 was a special horse, we just never dreamed he would be such a phenomenal star in the tough purebred Hunter division. We want to promote him as a breeding stallion to bring even more stars to the Hunter division. His first foal crop is stunning and there are more to come. The Hunter division is strongly supported by our Arabian exhibitors and we wanted to be a part of this grassroots organization. We look forward to its exciting growth and development.

Joann Harlan

Highland Pride Arabians:

Highland Pride Arabians is proud to be a founding member of the new AHPA program. We are a three generation family owned competitive riding and breeding farm. Our mission has been to support the programs which encourage participation in the Arabian horse breed. Our family roots originated in the Highlands of Scotland. So with family in mind, the name Highland Pride Arabians was chosen. It is with great “Pride”” that we continue our involvement and support in another fantastic program benefiting the beloved Arabian horse. Best of luck to AHPA!
From, the entire Highland Pride team ~ The Hawley, Esqueda and Pigott families.

Samantha Hilliard

Karen Jensen

Jerland Farms:

Jerland Farms was established over 50 years ago by Larry Jerome with the help of his family and friends.Today dreams are being fulfilled as Jerland lays claim to owning not one, but two of the most influential breeding stallions available today. MPA Giovanni & Khadraj NA. The passion for the Arabian Horse and making Jerland Farm the best that it can be runs deep. We invite you to browse through what we have to offer, contact us if we can be of any assistance, and remember that we would like to personally invite each of you to visit Jerland Farm. Jerland, where a beautiful horse and athletic horse must be one and the same.

Luxe Arabians:

Luxe Arabians is the premier Arabian performance horse training program in the beautiful, Traverse City, Michigan. Whether you are interested in competing at a National Level in Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, or Sporthorse, or just want to experience the thrill of owning a beautiful Arabian horse, Luxe is here to facilitate your desires. Call or message us today to find out how you can become a member of our exciting community!

North by Northwest:

North By Northwest owns facilities in Washington state and Texas. Our Pacific Northwest outpost, located thirty minutes west of Olympia, Washington, is where we breed and raise our Saddleseat show string. Based primarily around Apollopalooza son GSF Pure Fuzion, we began breeding in 2008 and have welcomed the arrival of over thirty foals — of which many have found their way to Stachowski Farms’ Jonathan Ramsay for their training foundation and show ring debuts.

Oak Haven Farms:

Oak Haven Farms is a family business that has been successful in the arabian industry through breeding, training, and showing. With over 30 years in the business, we have substantial knowledge and extensive experience with all aspects concerning the arabian horse. We pride ourselves on a family oriented environment that encourages successful show careers for our clients and horses.


Palmetto Arabians:

We strive to breed athletic horses who are functional and with purpose without compromising beauty and type. It’s a never-ending learning experience that has brought us great experiences, friends and memories. All of which we look forward to growing with.

Paradise Farms:

Paradise Farms is owned and operated by the father daughter team of Frank Szymanski and Jessie Szymanski-Hoag. They have always shared their passion for the Arabian horse and in 2001 decided to start a breeding program. Over the past several years they have acquired some very special, unique, and high quality breeding mares. Desiree BHF, RH Inat, Silver Laace, Mystic Rose BHF, Felisha Valentine BHF and Mystic Love WRR. Mystic Rose BHF is the “Queen of Paradise”. She has earned several National and Reserve National Championships in halter including National Champion 8 and over Mares and Reserve Supreme National Champion Mare in 2014. These mares are already producing National Champion offspring of halter and performance. They also have foals all over the world excelling in breeding and showing. Paradise Farms is committed to producing quality, substance, athletic, and beautiful foals that can excel in halter and performance.

Pegasus Arabians:

As we approach our twentieth anniversary, we are fortunate to have had both US and Canadian National Halter and Performance Champions, won many other Championships, and to have brought home thousands of ribbons. The Arabians are an investment of the heart. We love the breeding program of our operation and most of all, we love the beauty of the horses! Though many things have changed over the years, one thing still remains the same… as long as we are having fun, that’s all that matters!

Powell Training Center:

Powell Training Center is a complete equestrian facility offering expert performance and halter training for Arabians and Half Arabians as well as instruction for Amateurs and Youth Exhibitors.  Lisa and Zac offer many years of experience training and showing, and are committed to providing the best training environment for you and your horses.  Their expertise in English, Country, Hunter, Show Hack, Side Saddle, Halter and Western is evident by their numerous Class A, Regional and National wins.

Promises Ranch LLC:

We breed Arabian, Half Arabians, and Warmbloods. Home to Multi-National Champions and International Champions.

R.O. Lervick Arabians:

Royal Arabians:

It is our passion to breed the best attributes of the Arabian horse, by breeding the best examples of the Arabian breed available today. We believe the Arabian horses we breed should not only be beautiful, with a distinctive, refined head shape, alert expression and beautiful eyes, but should also demonstrate the athletic, speed, and endurance qualities of the breed that make it one of the most popular breeds in the world today. With a long history of having close human relationships the high spirited Arabian horse should not only be beautiful, but should also be good natured, quick to learn and willing to please.


Stephanie Sage has worked with some of the most respected and successful trainers in the industry in all disciplines. She is pleased to announce the opening of her own training facility in the heart of Texas horse country offering personalized training programs and care. With a very limited number of training horses being accepted, each client and horse will receive a level of service and attention not found in most large training facilities. Whether hunter, western, country or English, Stephanie is a rising star in the industry creating successful and happy show horses in the open, amateur and youth divisions.


The winning tradition at Stachowski Farm is an important indicator of our drive to succeed, and our record speaks for itself—over 300 National Championships, over 250 Reserve National Championships, and over 1,500 Top Tens. However, it is integrity that makes champions, be it in the soundness of the horse or the safety of the rider. Most of all, Stachowski Farm wants you to have fun and love the time you spend being a member of our team.

cindy smith

Stewart Performance Horses:

With over 40 years of combined experience in the horse business, Doug and Kristi Stewart offer training, lessons, sales and breeding expertise to horse enthusiasts of all kinds. Doug specializes in Arabians and Half-Arabians, and has coached youth and amateur riders to nationals wins in Reining, Country Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Horsemanship, Show Hack and Reining Seat Equitation.

Tamar Arabians:

The training facility at Tamar Arabians celebrates the relationships between horse and owner. Participation from all family members is encouraged by the friendly atmosphere and enthusiastic clients. Although competition is a primary goal, Tamar clients never lose sight of fun, friendship and comradeship. Our breeding program centers around our straight Russian stallion, Neposzar+. Tamar Arabians, Ltd. won the 2000 and 2001 Region IX Breeder of the Year Award for the numerous National and Regional babies sired by him. 74 National and Regional winners have been bred by Tamar Arabians, Ltd. We are a full service facility with on site capabilities to handle frozen and cooled semen and embryo transfers. Our staff is highly trained and available around the clock to serve clients and their mares’ needs.

Ashley Toye

Western Cross Arabians & Pintos:

The Western Cross breeding facility is located on 530 lush acres of rolling hills in Texas. We stand four extraordinary stallions; an Ali Jamaal son, Renaissanse, a *Gazal Al Shaqab son, WC Ali Gazal, and two Padrons Psyche sons, WC Ciao Psyche, out of our champion mare, WC Ciao Bella+/ and PF Psymply Psyche. Their remarkable pedigrees, coupled with the quality on which we insist in our mares, have quickly produced get that are breathtakingly gorgeous and winners in the show ring, too! Owners and trainers around the world are raving that Western Cross horses have sharp minds, incredible athletic ability, and the dispositions to be shown by both professionals and amateurs/juniors.

Westridge Farms:

Westridge Farms is owned and run by a multi-generational horse family that has bred, raised, trained and shown Arabians for more than 50 years. We specialize in the disciplines of Western, Hunt, and Saddle Seat and pride ourselves on our terrific staff. Every person that comes into contact with you and your horse has been carefully trained. This means you can be confident that everyone from stall cleaner, groom, to trainers and management are watching over your horse with a careful and discerning eye. Employees understand that what they do is not just a job, it’s about ensuring the health, safety and happiness of every horse and client in the barn.

chelsea wesson

Wunderbar Arabians:

Wunderbar Arabians has been active in the breeding, training and showing of Arabian horses since 1966. We have founded our breeding program on notable Domestic and Polish lines, and a simple philosophy dedicated to excellence.