Foundership application

Founderships are currently still available, but they are limited & going fast! Founders receive 2 discounted Futurity Nominations per year of the Futurities. They receive 1 Purebred Arabian nomination and 1 Half-Arabian nomination at $250 for each ($750 savings per nomination!). To become a Founder, please complete the form below and submit it with payment.

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Foundership application Form

• Fifty (50) AHPA Founderships will be available for purchase for one time only at a fee of $5,000 each. They will not require renewals. Founderships are limited to one per entity. Once the Foundershipsare sold, there will be no more offered. However, the AHPA reserves the right to auction off future Foundershipsto promote the AHPA.

• Founders receive two (2) discounted Futurity Nominations per year of the Futurities. They receive one (1) Purebred Arabian nomination and one (1) Half-Arabian nomination. In no circumstance may a Purebred nomination be replaced by a Half-Arabian nomination or vice versa.

• Founders will receive discounted rates for their nominations each year. The additional AHPA, AHA & USEF entry fees for the actual Futurities will still apply.

• Founders may sell or give away their nominations on a yearly basis if they so choose. The AHPA must be notified if the nominations are to be transferred prior to the nomination deadline. There is no transfer fee for selling or giving away the yearly nominations

• Founderships may be sold. If the slot is sold, $1,000 must be paid to the AHPA as a transfer fee. The AHPA must be notified if you plan to sell your Foundership


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