To be eligible for either AHPA Hunter Pleasure Futurity, any horse with the following may be nominated. Horses nominated for these classes MUST be registered with the Arabian Horse Association or the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.

  1. Current AHA and USEF/EC Membership is required for participation in all AHA & AHPA programs.

  2. Horse nominations are to be done in the horse’s three-year-old year (i.e. horses that will show in 2018 must be nominated in 2017). Horses may be nominated prior to their three-year-old year.

  3. All AHPA Entry Nomination payments are final and non-refundable. No refunds will be given on. Any portion of a nomination payment not postmarked/electronic transaction dated by the due dates above will cause that entry to be considered a late entry. There will be no refund of nomination fee, any portion of a nomination fee or processing fee.

  4. Substitution of horses is prohibited. Exception: In case of death of a nominated horse, the owner may nominate a horse for a future AHPA futurity. They may not nominate a horse for the same year as the deceased horse. A transfer fee will apply.

  5. The AHPA reserves the right to accept or reject any nomination. If rejected, your nomination fee will be refunded in full.

  6. If a horse is sold after being nominated, the AHPA Entry Nomination is sold with that horse.

  7. A horse is not considered AHPA Nominated until the nomination fee is paid in full.

  8. No horse will compete in an AHPA Futurity unless the nomination fee has been paid in full.

  9. To be shown in the AHPA Hunter Pleasure Futurity, the owner must also pay the AHPA Class Entry fee of $___ as well as all additional AHA US Nationals entry and office fees by the closing date of US Nationals.