ahpa futurity FAQ’s

Who is eligible for the AHPA Futurities?

The Futurity classes will be open to 4-year-old Arabian and Half-Arabian horses.

When is the nomination deadline, and how much does it cost?

Horse nominations are due July 15th of the horse’s 3-year-old year and are $250 for Founders and $1,000 for non-Founders. Late nominations are due by October 15th of the horse’s 3-year-old year at a fee of $2,000 for Founders and $3,000 for non-Founders.

When will the program start?

The AHPA Futurity classes will debut at the 2018 U.S. Nationals.

What is a “Founder?”

A Founder is an initial supporter of the program. The Founder is entitled to one purebred and one Half-Arabian slot each year in the program at a discounted rate of $250/nomination (vs. $1,000 for non-Founders). Slots may be used by the Founder, sold or donated each year.

How many Founderships are available?

There are 50 available, and they are sold on a first come, first-served basis.

Do I have to be a Founder to nominate a horse? 

No. If you are not a Founder, you then nominate your horse and pay the non-Founder nomination fee based on the date you nominate.

What is the payout?

Payout will be $75,000 to the purebred class and $75,000 to the Half-Arabian class.
The payouts are as follows:
10th – $3,750
9th – $4,125
8th – $4,500
7th – $4,875
6th – $5,250
5th – $5,625
4th – $6,000
3rd – $7,125
Reserve – $11,250
Champion – $22,500.

Are there sponsorships available?

Yes! We are currently ironing out the details of each sponsorship level. More information can be found coming soon on our sponsorship page.

How will the class be run? 

It will technically run in two phases. The first phase will run the same as a Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse class and will account for 80 percent of the judging. The second phase will be a lineup
with stripping of tack and an in-hand trot for 20 percent of the judging. Horses will be required to strip tack and be assessed for quality and conformation as appropriate for a hunter. One
attendant will be permitted to assist with this. Riders will then be required to trot the horse out of the arena (still untacked). All entries will retire to the paddock to be re-tacked.

What is the judging criteria for the class?

Judging criteria will be in this order: quality, performance, suitability as a hunter, manners and conformation.